Obii Say at Art Under Pressure

As I write this post Obii Say's "More Pizzazz" is playing out of my iHome, filling my room with smooth lyrics and J Dilla's beat making mastery. Last evening Art Under Pressure hosted Obii Say's Donuts for the Villagers, his J Dilla tribute project, listening event. The evening was great for good music, networking, and free donuts. The turnout was great including iheartdilla representatives, the owner of Lux Brands, DJ Mim, and Obii Say's sponsor company BLACK Collection. Obii Say blessed all those in attendance with performances off his project, including "Hey, I Remember You". Obii Say also surprised everyone by preforming three tracks that did not make the project. However, after talking to Obii out front of the store he revealed that the three unreleased tracks he preformed might come out on a deluxe edition of the tribute; differentially something to keep an eye out for. Throughout the evening Obii Say showered the listeners with words of wisdom. One line I felt was quite relative; "Art and limit should never be in the same sentence". The night ended with a J Dilla inspired Cypher with about twenty artists from the area; a good night was had by all. Below is a link to Obii Say's blog; be sure to download the project if you still haven't; it truly is a good listen. 

Obii Say's Blog: http://www.obiisay.blogspot.com/

Obii Say on the Mic.

DJ Mim, who played great tracks all evening, keeping the vibe alive.

One of the numerous custom skateboards that decorate Art Under Pressure.

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  1. Thank you so much for coming out, and thank you for the great recap.