Dinner at Cosi

I tend to try to stay away from "chain-restrauants", but this evening I was pleasantly surprised with my dinning experience at one. While making my way around the various parks that surround The Capital building, trying to capture what remained of fall with my camera, hunger overcame me. Sense I don't frequent that area of DC I went with my friend's suggestion to eat at Cosi. Upon entering, I was greeted with a familiar sandwich shop atmosphere with borderline sleep inducing warm lighting, plenty of chairs to lounge in, and background music of a genre that now escapes me. After taking a quick glance I made my decision, and was served quickly; one of the benefits of eating at more industrialized institutions.  The highlight of my meal was my Mango Smoothy, which had an option to be made with real fruit; which is always a good option in my eyes. Cosi had a nice atmosphere, satisfying food, and a relaxing atmosphere; a good location to go when in need of a quick bite to eat. 
My Chicken Tinga sandwich which was incased in freshly baked flatbread, had the fillings of pulled chicken in a chipotle sauce layered with guacamole, pico de gallo, crumbled feta cheese and a touch cilantro.
The highlight of my meal, a Mango Smoothy, which for 50 extra cents contained fresh fruit. 

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