The Beat Clash 2

Last night Carry-Out Productions brought DC another great Hip Hop event: The Beat Clash 2. Such events show that their is still so much good Hip Hop in the world today; so anyone that says Hip Hop is dead clearly must not have looked into the casket because it is empty. Showcasing various producers from the greater DC area, as well as some great emcees, the night was filled dope music. At the end of the night Nomad took first place, with CJ The Genesis coming in second, in the beat battle. If your an artist, and looking for some dope producers in the greater DC area both would surly be good people to contact. Beside the beat battles Black Fist, CM & Four-In and Tone 301 blessed the crowd with musical sets. However, the biggest impact I left the event with came from Doe Cigapom pictured above with microphone in hand. Between his musical set and the testimony he shared with all in attendance he surly made an impact on many lives last night. It is always a beautiful thing how Hip Hop has the power to bring people together of all backgrounds, and last night The Beat Clash 2 definitely made that happen.

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