The Power Cypher

Chess, Hip Hop, and black book sessions; Wednesday night Ras had all that and more. Presented by Art Under Pressure and The Carryout Productions, The Power Cypher brought people together to celebrate various aspects of Hip Hop culture. Showcasing different forms of art graffiti writers from the greater DC area showcased their craft, along with a cypher of local emcees, followed by two sets from STEF IS DOPE and 431. Being the first installment of The Power Cypher, if you missed the experience, you will have another chance to attend January 25, 2012. Music was provided by DJ Jahny Aleus and DJ Matas. Positive vibes, good music, and live art; The Power Cypher is a great way to keep your mind right in the middle of the work week.
Working out new hand styles.
Steezy Grizzlies taking part in the opening Cypher.
Trei Hill took the stage, for his first live performance, at The Power Cypher bringing dope lyrics and a powerful stage presence.
431 preformed content from his EUPHORIA ABSTRACT project including "Tokyo Tomorrows".

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  1. Great Post! Thanks for coming and THANK YOU for spreading the word. See you on the 25th!