Som Records

It's a new year, but some things are better left unchanged. The sound that vinyl produces has always been one of my favorites in reference to music publishing mediums. Being back in DC, I decided to check out Som Records; located on 14th street. The owner was pleasant, the atmosphere was nice, and the selection was diverse. The Hip Hop selection, my genre of choice, was slightly limited, but I was still able to make two nice pickups ("It Ain't Hard To Tell" by Nas 1994 Single for $4.99, as well as a Blunderground Massive remix record from the dollar bin). Som Records has a nice listening area so you can preview your music before making your purchase, and is quite clean compared to some record stores I have visited in the past.

The records are well organized; even toting comedic labels in some cases.

Record Listening Station surrounded, like the rest of the store, with cool items from various decades.

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