The Collective (10/28/11)

It is always important to visit different places because new places tend to produce new experiences. Tonight I made my way down to Eastern Market; drawn by first monthly installment of The Collective. Having my information on this event being based off a flyer and some emails sent between one of the coordinators I did not really know what to expect. However, once I reached The B Spot, the venue for the event, I felt welcomed instantly. I was greeted by one of the coordinators, while looking at all of the great artwork that covered the walls. Much to my surprise, and resulting delight, the event started off with a discussion on various topics concerning the education of students in the public school system of DC; a subject that I take personal interest in. The movement Rise Up, Rebuild had a speaker who conveyed the movements goals of incorporating education with the arts; a concept that I find extremely positive and appealing. Following the discussion spoken work, great vocals, and a painting exhibit comenced. The discussion, and art would have been enough to make for a great Friday night, but due to the venue the experience became even better. The B Spot is a Juice Bar and Tea Room, serving its consumers with high quality, natural goods; I found the Smoothy listing appealing, and ordered the B Spot Island Smooth, which I would highly recommend. The Creative was a enlightening experience, and I'm planing on attending again next month.
Roscoe, the host for The Collective. He enlightened the crowd with a description of The B Spot's world class tea, as well as sharing his numerous aliases and spoken word skills. 

The B Spot Island Smoothy, consisting of pineapple, mango, creme of coconut, Brazilian coconut water, and organic agave nectar.
Talibah Safiya, one of the performers at The Collective, blessed the mic. with high energy and positive lyrics; what's not to love.

The crowd that came out for The Collective was filled with thoughtful individuals, filling the venue with a contagious positive vibe.

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