Founding Farmers

Tonight my family came down to DC to visit me, and due to their visit I felt it was only right to visit a restaurant I had been meaning to check out for some time. Sense I have been working on becoming a more conscientious consumer I have picked up the habbit of supporting eco-friendly businesses, and Founding Farmers definentally falls into that catagory. Being the one of the first green restaurant's in The District it appered to be a good spot to visit for dinner. As I walked in, I was welcomed into a warm exterior, consisting of wood and soft, warm, light. I had made reservatinos, which I would recomend unless you want to test the theory that good things come to those who wait, so I was able to be seated promptly. After glancing over the menu to decide what I wanted to drink I decided on the Farmers' Arnold Palmer. Next came the big decision, what to get as an main course. Sense it was my first time at FF I turned decided to look at their "signatures", and saw something that sounded just right; Southern Pan-Fried Chicken. Seeing this as an opportunity to get some quality fried chicken, not my typical carryout selection, I made my decision. While I waited on my main course to come I enjoyed a unique appetizer; FF's daily special popcorn. Today the specialty flavor was BBQ Spice; despite the questionable name the product was good. The food came, I enjoyed it, and still found it in my will power to convince myself to indulge in some desert upon finishing my Fried Chicken plater. The Warm Cookies toped off my meal, enhancing the homely feel that FF offers to its diners. Eating at Founding Farmers was a wonderful experience. Good eco-friendly food, relaxing atmosphere, and nice staff; what is not to love?
Welcome to Founding Farmers.

Farmers' Arnold Palmer, mixed on location. If you look closely you can see how the lemonade has settled to the bottom go the glass, while the ice tea rests at the top; think back to your eight grade science class to understand why this happens. (Hint: Density) 

BBQ Spice Popcorn, something I had never experienced before, and was pleasantly pleased with its taste. 
My main course, Southern Pan-Fried Chicken. My chicken was accompanied by mac-and-cheese, buttermilk waffles, and my choice size of a Candy Almond covered Sweet Potato. 
Warm Cookies; my plate had a selection of Macaroon, Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter, and  Snickerdoodle cookies.

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