Mobb Deep at Commonwealth

For the second time in one week, Commonwealth's DC store was the location of a fabulous event for Hip Hop fans. Queensbridge duo Mobb Deep, consisting of Prodigy and Havoc, stopped by Commonwealth before their show that night at Club Liv; to speak with their fans. I had the chance to speak with both members of the group! Prodigy quenched my curiosity about how the duo was able to move from having success in NYC to becoming the global icons they currently are. Next, I asked Havoc about his production work he did with The Notorious B.I.G., and found that he saw the experience to be a pleasure and a honor to work with a legend.   Steping away from the evening, besides being in attendence with true living legends, I had gained advice and first hand knowledge from those who found success. Success in a world where the odds were against them; a truley fanominal experience. 

Prodigy and Havoc; one of the best duos in the rap game delivering dope music sense the early 1990s.
Mobb Deep's flyer for their evening show; with special guest DJ Alchemist: the producer of one of my favorite Mobb Deep songs, There That Go.

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