Toki Underground: A Rare Dining Experience

Today has been a busy day, like most of my Fridays tend to be. From going to four college classes, stoping by Howard's Yardfest, and ending with a dining pilgrimage; it was quite eventful. The ending, however, was by far the best part of it all; due to my dining session at Toki Underground
After walking down 8th street, looking to locate the shop, I finally discovered the entrance; which is marked solely with the Toki Underground logo. As I made my way up the stairs I was greeted with the consuming smell "exotic"cuisine" and a sound very dear to my ears: Hip Hop. At the top of the steps I was told that their was going to be a wait, between forty five - sixty minutes. After being set for so long on visit the store the wait was nothing, and later proved to be worth every minute. 
The kind staff member called me about fifty minutes later, they used telephones to contact the patrons when a table was open, and I rushed back to the shop ready to eat. When I arrived back at the shop I was seated, to my delight, right in front of the "chief's line", giving me a lovely dining experience.  My evening meal consisted of a Ramune Marble Soda, Beef and Chicken Dumplings, and Toki Hakata Classic.The service proved to be quick, and the food exceeded my expectations in both quality and quantity; a truly rare duo. Toki Underground really proved to be a haven, a place someone can go for a relaxing time to be surrounded with positive people, and great food. The experience was made even better due to the reasonable prices of all the offering on the menu; my meal totaled roughly $16. 
I plan on returning again, with my next meal already planed to consist of the Curry Chicken Hakata! By coming to Toki Underground you pay for more than just a meal, you get a unique, memorable, dining experience; that will be special for any occasion you choose to visit. 

One of the experienced cooks at adding a "secret sauce" to one of their delicious dishes. 
My Ramune Marble Soda, which came with special opening instructions. I would recommend this beverage to anyone planing on visiting the shop in the future; it really has a unique taste.
Both Beef, and Chicken, Dumplings proved to be delicious. Offered stemmed or pan fried. (The ones above are pan fried)
The culmination of my meal, Toki Hakata Classic. Made with the perfect blend of pork, egg, vegetables, and delicious ramen noodles. 

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