Chick Gaynor's Whatever Project

Their are a lot of 17 year old boys right now in the greater DC area to claim to be rappers. However,  Kool Klux Klansman, Chick Gaynor has put in the work with his newest project to set himself apart from his peers. Titled "Whatever", Chick's newest project combines his unique lyrical delivery with tracks produced by various notable producers including Vaughn Garcia.Released just two days ago the new project already has over 100 downloads, and their is not any reason that it should not gain hundreds more. When asked about his key inspirations  for the project Chick gave recognition, "my fellow Klansmen EU, Avionadramida, Cal Rips, Obii Say, and Kendal Elijah and others artists like Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Lupe, Curren$y and 431." It is clear that Chick Gaynor puts all his heart into his music, and by including various life experiences "Whatever" is a unique album for this area. A new album that will continue it's virtual rotation in my iPod for a time to come.
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