Eat To Beat!

Cupcakes, wings, ice cream, beer, and Red Bull; all high in sugar, but still had a role in promoting Diabetes Research last evening. Presented  by The IN Crowd, and hosted by DURKL Eat To Beat! consisted of two food eating competitions, and a equally large feast for all of the viewers of the ongoings. With music provided by DJ Spicoli, and plenty of food, all in attendance appeared to have a great time. Roughly $300 had been raised for Diabetic research by the end of the evening. Such events make it simple to do good for others, and have a good time while doing so; it does not get much better than that.
DJ Spicoli spun a good mixture of music throughout the evening.
Before the activities of mass food consumption started a word was shared with the crowd about the seriousness of Diabetes, and how it critically effects so many people each year.
The first competition consisted of a Cupcake Eating Contest: 14 cupcakes per plate, and one glass of water. 
The final competition was based of wing consumption. Each contestant had to go through eating three heats of wings: mild, hot, and jalapeƱo infused; with only one glass of water to manage their thirst. 

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