Taylor Gourmet Deli

Fresh hoagies, greek desserts and sides, and a focus on operating a green business all combine to form Taylor Gourmet; a deli in its finest form. During my visit to TG, at their location on H Street, last night I was able to enjoy a fresh made to order hoagie, a side of bacon infused potato salad, and a Organic Peach White Tea (Honest Tea). As I entered the establishment, which had been renovated from a old hair saloon, I was welcomed by a friendly cashier. I decided on ordering the 12 inch Philadelphia Landfill. Any opportunity I have to get non-generic cold cut's I try to take advantage, dictating my decision. With a nice wooden interior, a decent soundtrack, and soft lighting TG has succeeded in creating a enjoyable environment to relax and have a great meal anytime of the day; the fact that they are open until 3 AM really does allow you to enjoy a sub at anytime of the day. Another interesting fact, which I find appealing, is their is not use of mayonnaise at TG; instead they dress their hoagies with various oil blends which serve to  highten the excellence of their choice house roasted meats and cold cuts. Taylor Gourmet makes great food, to eat in or to go, making it a reasonable dining choice no matter what you day has in store. 
Taylor Gourmet's store front, which still utilizes much of the previous businesses structure to conserve resources. 
The assembly bar, where the hoagies all come together. 
USDA Organi approved Peach White Tea.
Bacon infused Potato Salad.
The highlight of my meal, the Philadelphia Landfill which stuffed with roasted turkey, roasted ham, Genoa Salami, roasted red peppers, sharp cheese slivers, shredded lettuce, tomato, and onion.

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