Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays we celebrate in America that has not been fully corrupted by capitalism. As usual, my Thanksgiving experience was not average. Due to my father's job, a firefighter, he had to work on November 24th. Even so, instead of not celebrating as a family we all came together, along with his co-workers families, to eat at the fire station. The menu consisted of 10 pounds of Mashed Potatoes, a 30 pound Turkey, two Hams, seven Pumpkin Pies, four Apple Pies, an industrial size pan of Green Bean Casserole, an industrial size pan of Candy Yams, and more food which I would assume to bore you if I mentioned. However, keeping our family tradition alive of always eating Thanksgiving at my Grandmother's house my Black Friday was not filled with materialistic indulgence, but with another feast (pictured below.) Beside the Football rivalries and the Black Friday hype Thanksgiving brings families together, and reminds us of simpler times. Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday because it gives families a reason to slowdown, and focus on the numerous blessings that people typically overlook.
The iconic Thanksgiving Turkey; as good as it ever was.

My Grandma's traditional Thanksgiving layout. The menu spanned from Candy Yams covered with Marshmallow to Watermelon Pickles.

My first plate; when eating a Thanksgiving feast it would almost seem more logical to eat off a cookie sheet than a standard plate due to the magnitude of food.
Pumpkin cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting thanks to my mother.

Pumpkin Pie Cake with a Gingerbread Crust; once again thanks to my mother.

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