Bitter Sweet Holiday Release / Pop-Up Shop Event

Last night Bitter Sweet, a magazine/blog showcasing a unique view of DC life, held the release event for their Winter 2011 zine. Also, the staff of Bitter Sweet brought in many different venders, that are featured in their Holiday issue, to share their goods with readers. The event was very enjoyable with free food which consisted of Salmon Spring Roles and some delicious Squash Soup. As for the venders, all goods were handmade, and a lot focused on reusing items typically thrown away to make something else. Some of my favorite products the venders had to offer consisted of candle holders made out of wood found in antique house's door-ways, used magazine bracelets supporting women living in Kenya, and some beautifully crafted wool ties. The night was great for trying new food, getting a jump-start on Christmas shopping, and meeting some nice new people. The newest issue of Bitter Sweet, their Winter 2011 edition, focuses on "Economic Empowerment in Washington, DC. I have not had a chance to do much in-depth reading of it yet, but from what I have glanced at it looks to be well put together.
The delicious Salmon filled Spring Roles.
A spread of past Bitter Sweet issues.
Their was a really good turnout at the event. It was good to see people supporting quality small businesses.
A really cool concept, using various pre-used vintage containers Anna Williams used them to contain candles.
An assortment of high-quality handmade wool ties made by John Tome.

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