Khan's Mongolian Grill & Bar

If you have been reading my blog for the almost two months it has been occupying webspace you might have noticed that a lot of the restaurants I review are located in the Atlas District on H Street. This is because I really enjoy the culinary scene in that area. It is a great example of positive, small business based, urban renewal. Khan's Mongolian Grill & Bar is now another restaurant from that area which I was interested in checking out because the Mongolian stir-fry concept that Khan's is known for. However, besides Mongolian stir-fry, Khan's also offers a relaxing bar venue as well as some specialty non-stir-fry offerings. Covering my Mongolian stir-fry experience, after I was seated I selected chicken from a list of bases for the dinnertime stir-fry which also gave me the option to have beef, shrimp, or a vegetarian medily. After that, I made my way to an area resembling a salad bar where I put fresh vegetables into my stir-fry bowl, and then made my way to the end of the bar and selected the sauce I wanted to adorn my stir-fry from about ten other options. Upon completing my assembly of the stir-fry ingredients I headed over to the grill, and handed the bowl to one of the cooks. First, he cooked my chicken to perfection; while chopping it into fine strips. After my chicken was cooked well the noodles and vegetables were added to cook, and at the end my sauce of choice was poured over all my stir-fry components. If you have never experienced a live Mongolian stir-fry it is quite the experience, and interesting to see how the cooks can multi-task the production of around eight different dishes at once. After my stir-fry was complete the plate was topped off with some fresh sticky rice, and with that I headed back to my seat to reckon with my heaping plate. Khan's offers a relaxed atmosphere, and prices that will allow you to keep a relaxed hand on your wallet. With soft background music, clean eating conditions, and a pleasant aroma floating around the building Khan's Mongolian Grill & Bar is worth checking out.

The Mongolian stir-fry grill. At the time this picture was taken the cooks had just started to cook two pieces of chicken, but typically the grill is filled with activity.
The extensive mix-in and sauce bar.
Chicken Mongolian stir-fry with Khan's Sweet and Hot Pepper Sauce including carrots, bean sprouts, broccoli, onion, and lettuce with a side of sticky rice.

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