Wag's Restaurant

Sometimes the simplest things in life bring about the most delight, and Wag's Restaurant showcases such a theory. Known for their "unbeatable happy hour" and award winning burgers for 19 years in a row Wag's is a unique neighborhood bar. Wag's Restaurant is located below street level (eight steps to be exact), and upon entering the restaurant many aspects of the architecture resemble structural components I would be confident to bet were their at the time the area was first built. Looking for a filling meal on a crisp December night Wag's provided just what I sought: Saranac Root Beer, quality Hamburgers, and fresh cut French Fries. With a laid-back atmosphere, friendly staff, and quality food Wag's Restaurant delivers consistent quality food and drink at every visit.
Wag Fry covered with Wag's hearty beef and bean Chili.
Freshly made Wag Burger smothered with Wag's Special Sauce (tomato with herd), raw onion, and provolone cheese.

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