Mr. Cheeks at Ras

With the commercialization of music more stress in put on studio engineering, and consequently it is rare to find artists with a good live sound; not to mention a good stage presence. However, last night Mr. Cheeks blessed DC with both. By mixing his classic lyrical delivery with a stage presence that demanded attention Mr. Cheeks truly moved the crowd, and lead to an overall good time. Mr. Cheeks also brought out some various artists from his new record label: Mob Muzik Inc. Other notable acts of the night where Sock The Rapper, Ciscero, and Cloud 9; all representing the greater DC area in a respectable way.
Sock The Rapper, showcasing his unique sound, with a distinct DC vibe, while pumping out conscientious lyrics.
Ciscero delivered a unique sound to the crowd, showing great diversity as a artist due to the content of his lyrics.
Mr. Cheeks, of The Lost Boyz, truly embodied what Hip Hop is all about. Having a good time, while staying true to yourself.

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