Stunna Lorenzana "Sky's The Limit" EP Showcase

Trying to find success, while staying true to yourself, is quite hard to do no matter what genre of music one decides to pursue. However, Silver Spring  native, Stunna Lorenzana is on the path to success, while staying true to his heart. Last night at Art Under Pressure Stunna showcased his new EP, "Sky's The Limit"; the title directly depicts his mindset. The event consisted of DJ Moe on the ones and twos, a cypher showcasing various artists from the greater DC area, and Stunna Lorenzana preforming various tracks from his new project. With plans to progress to a bigger platform in the coming year it is clear that Stunna has dreams, and is working to achieve them. His new EP consists of eight tracks; all with original production. You can download/stream the EP here.
DJ Moe kept the vibe alive, playing a diverse selection of Hip Hop and Rap while providing some classic instrumentals for the cypher.
Skweeky Kleen, one of the artists that took part in the cypher, delivered dope lyrics while promoting unity throughout the greater DC Hip Hop scene.
Stunna Lorenzana captivated the crowd with his aggressive flow, and thoughtful lyrics. While Stunna remains humble it is clear that he has the aptitude to find success in the music industry.

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